Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Monday, May 7, 2012

It's the wonderful month of May, beautiful weather, blooming flowers, "Mother's Day", and this year's first wave of graduates are joyfully trying on their caps and gowns.
More than ever before, safe and environmentally friendly products are on everyone's mind. Finally, the dangers of toxins in our everyday products are being brought to light through various media outlets. Both young and old alike have embraced the need to live more natural non-toxic lives.
As you likely know, "Ava Anderson Non-Toxic was founded with a single goal of producing genuinely effective, healthier and eco-friendly alternatives. There's no compromising or "greenwashing" here. From our aloe based body care lines to our truly safe sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and house cleaning products, thousands have found relief from a myriad of ailments - as well as peace of mind." www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/marbella
It's no mundane to give a gift of an alternative soap, lotion, or cleaning product. It can be a life altering event!  It will be greatly appreciated. To share something so simple that's actually life-changing is unprecedented. Who knew?
So let's make May,"Mother's Day and graduation" a time to share what we know, and do our best to show our loved ones how easy it can be to live a healthier lifestyle. "Giving the gift of Ava Anderson is to show someone how much you really care."
Take advantage of this gift package you can purchase for the MOMS in your life!  The set includes a jar of Lemon Sugar Body Scrub and a bottle of Hand and Body Lotion for only $31.95.  (Gift wrap, ribbon, and note are free!) 
 Call/email/text me your order by May 9th to guarantee delivery by Mother's Day.
Also, during the month of May you receive a FREE jar of Body Butter with an $80+ order. (A $17.95 savings!)
Order $100 +...get a full size product of your choice ($20 value) and get the body butter for free. ( $38 savings) 
Order $150 +...get a full size product of your choice ($20 value), body butter and the exclusive 7 piece brush set for free. ($187 in FREE products) this Offer EXPIRES MAY 12, 2012
(You must call me or e-mail me your order for me to honor the product of your choice) ($100 & $150 order is the subtotal)
7 piece Ava Brush set SPECIAL only with Marbella when you place an order of $150 or more. 
 EWG is at it again! They didn't stop with the Skin Deep Database. Now household products are right in their cross-hairs. Soon there will be a new database to help us sort through the confusing maze of toxic cleaning and household products that currently fill store shelves everywhere.
Click here to get a sneak peek at EWG's "Hall of Shame". It's the beginning of a comprehensive resource to identify the highest hazards you and your family are being exposed to. They're not afraid to name names, too! You'll be surprised!
If you didn't know, "Ava Anderson Non-Toxic" is one of the proud & select few who have achieved "Champion" status from EWG & the Safety in Cosmetics Campaign.  PLUS, we have just been named a “Trusted Partner” of Healthy Child Healthy World.
"To learn more about Ava Anderson Non Toxic go to www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/marbella"
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