Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Are Ava Anderson Products safe for babies?"

 YES!  All of Ava's products are safe for babies.  We use non toxic ingredients in our products and use eco. friendly packaging as well.
All of Ava Anderson's products are "Paraben Free", No Phthalates, "No synthetic fragrances or dyes", No Triclosan, "No Sulfates", No PEG's or Carcinogenic contaminants and all are "Gluten Free".

Studies have shown that a new born baby is born with over 200 toxic ingredients in their bodies from when the pregnant mother was using body & skin care products on her skin & hair.  Just because we don't eat our everyday body products, they still get into your blood stream from applying it to your skin & hair.
Think you are safe in the hospital...NO.  There aren't enough products in the market right now that only use Non Toxic ingredients, so we depend on the big companies to hopefully do the right thing.  But they aren't!  We only ban 9 toxic ingredients out of the hundreds that are out there in the US. 
Did you know that  Johnson and Johnson shampoo is used on newborns in the hospital right after birth. There are almost no beneficial ingredients in this product, and in fact, it contains methylene chloride, one of the 9 banned ingredients in the US. Most hospitals will allow you to bring in a shampoo for them to use on your newborn.

Do you know someone who is pregnant or about to have a baby?  Now is the time to make that baby gift with non toxic ingredients by using "Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products"!

It is never to late to make a change for Non Toxic products.  Do it today!  

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