Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Ava Anderson Non Toxic Introduces 7 NEW Products"

"Ava Anderson Non Toxic announcing seven NEW PRODUCT Releases"


"Ava Anderson Non Toxic Mascara"
Lengthening mineral mascara will be a must have for all. $15.95

"NEW Bigger face Moisturizer"

"Ava Anderson face moisturizer"
No more pump and twice the product for just $2 more. $20.95

"Ava Anderson Eye Cream"

"Eye Cream"
You will not believe the amazing organic ingredients we have in this product.  This eye cream is luxurious!
Formulated with tremendous skin beneficial ingredients and essential oils, known and respected for healing, anti inflammation, anti bacterial, anti viral, skin regeneration, moisturizing, firming properties, and ability to reduce puffiness, fine line, discoloration due to age spots and wrinkles. $19.95
**The price is easily spend $50 or more on the big names for the same results.  You will see visible results in 4 to 6 weeks.

"Deep Conditioning Treatment by Ava Anderson"

"deep conditioning treatment for hair"
This treatment was formulated to replenish your hair's natural oils and nutrients.  Your hair will be healthy and beautiful! $22.95

"Ava Anderson Styling Cream for Hair"

"Styling cream for hair"
Our amazing new style cream will leave your hair silky smooth.  It is also great to control frizz on the hot muggy days! $17.95
**Looking for something that is like a hairspray, but is non toxic?  This product is like hair spray, but in a cream and non toxic!

"New Lip Balm with spf 15 from AVA Anderson"

"lip balm with spf 15"
Protect your lips from the sun year round!  You are going to love this "hydrating" lip balm (set of 3).  We're hooked on the delicious taste of lemonade. $15.95
***You lips need protection from the sun in all four seasons...protect them with this lip balm that has spf 15.  Your whole family can use this lip balm.

"Face Moisturizer with spf 15 from Ava Anderson"

"moisturizer with spf 15"
Daily sun protection is needed for your face and hands year round...even if you live in a gloomy cold still need sun protection. $20.95

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AUGUST SPECIAL...Order $50 or more online get a face moisturizer for FREE! ($19 value)

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Have a great "non toxic" day!

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  1. Hey Marbella, I bought the lip exfoliator from Ava Anderson, they really make great products
    I should buy some more, and I will purchase this from you because I really love the product,
    it left my lips soft and very supple, made lipstick application very smooth my lips never looked so good, with lipstick application. This Product is Awesome!