Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"How to Trash the Toxic Skin Care Products you got as a Gift"

"Did your loved one or friend give you beauty products containing toxic chemicals?" 
"Did you get body scrub, lotion, face moisturizer, perfume, body wash, hand soap, lip gloss, etc." 
"Would you like to get rid of them and get non toxic beauty products instead?"

Here are some ways to get rid of those toxic beauty products you currently have.

1.RETURN the products to the store.  Most stores do accept returns on beauty products for money back or exchange.  Most companies if not all, don't tell you this because they want you to keep using the products till you finish them.
2.DONATE the beauty products to a non profit organization or shelter.  Make sure you get a donation form, then you can write it off when you do your taxes. :)  Yes I understand you will be giving your toxic products to someone else, but they don't have much in the first place, so you will be giving them a chance to smell good and/or look good for a job interview.  
3.If all else fails TRASH them.  Don't dump your products down the drain.  When you do this, you are putting the chemicals into the water supply and they aren't always removed.  Trash your beauty products, if possible in your county's hazaradous chemical disposal site.  Yes you heard me right, your beauty products are hazardous.  They carry High Toxic chemicals to preserve them, etc. YUCK!  Even your baby's products are hazardous.  J&J just admitted to carrying some high toxic chemicals in their No Tears formula, body wash. etc. Get rid of all of them now.

To check how your products rate...go to this site  
0-2  Low Hazard
3-6  Moderate Hazard
7-10  High Hazard

"Looking for a non toxic beauty products line?"
"Ava Anderson Non Toxic" beauty products are all rated 0-1. 
Our sunscreen is rated a 1 due to the 21% zinc oxide to provibe UVA & UVB protection.
Mascara is rated a 1 due to the black color needed for the masara.  That's it, everything else is rated a 0, which means no toxic chemicals are used in Ava's products.  All natural products are can actually eat our products.  That is how safe and natural Ava's products are.  To learn more go to
call me at (720)333-7947 if you have any questions you may have about Ava's products or want to place an order.
e-mail me at
It is easy to place an order online, by phone or e-mail.

I look forward to working with you.

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