Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"How do I know if my products have Parabens in them?"

"How do you know if your everyday skin care products have the toxin parabens as an ingrdient or any other high toxic chemical?"  Look on the back of your products on the label.  If you see any ingredients that say Parabens, Phthalates, synthetic Fragrances & Dyes, Triclosan, Sulfates, PEG's and/or Carcinogenic contaminants...get rid of the products.  These are High Toxic Chemicals that have been linked to cancer, autism and other health problems.  Not all companies list their ingredients using the correct wording...they will use other words to hide what the real high toxin is and the government allows it.  To check out your products go to there you will see a score of 0-10...if your product scores a 0-2, then you are safe from toxins.  If they score 3-6, then the use of moderate level toxins are used.  If 7-10 then they are using High Toxic chemicals.  You will be surprised at the results you will find.  A very popular baby shampoo company was recently in court for using high toxins in their no tears formula and other products they sell at the grocery stores.  Please make a change today..go chemical free use "Ava Anderson Non Toxic".  To learn more about these products go to
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  1. I can't believe Johnson & Johnson admitted to using high toxins in their products. Did some research and found the info. about their court case. WOW! For sure will be making a change today for me & my family.