Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Need Holiday Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones?"

Look no further!  I have lots of" Gift Ideas for you to use at great prices and in all Price ranges".
My gift ideas are great for teachers, parents, grandparents, girls, teens, babies, pregnant mom's to be, etc. 
Contact me to learn more about my gift baskets and ideas and how you can get lots of products at a deep discount.  e-mail me at or call me at 720-333-7947.

"Ava Anderson Non Toxic" uses non toxic ingredients in our products.  Good for you and the world.  We need to make a change today on our everyday skin care products and this is where we need to start along with a healthy diet and exercise.  To many people young and old are dieing from cancer.  Some of these harsh toxic chemicals are found in your grocers shelfs, department stores, etc. found in shampoo, lotions, makeup, shower gels, etc.   These harsh toxic chemicals have been linked to cancer.
AVOID products that have:
1. Parabens
3. synthetic fragrances or dyes
6. PEG's
7.Carcinogenic Contaminants

"Ava Anderson Non Toxic products have none of these harsh chemicals in our products and we believe in No animal testing as well.  Want to go a healthier route for your body, then change your everyday skin care products. 
Shop at
or call me at 720-333-7947

Have QUESTIONS?  Please contact me and ask.  Please make a change today for you and your family.  Our products are so safe that a newborn baby can use all of our products.

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